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Speicalty Tools - Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Oil Pump Screwing Tool



Mercedes Benz Valve Adjusting Wrench


Mercedes Benz Injection Pump Wrench

Injection Pump Wrench:
Mercedes Benz
Hazet 2742-13 $121.46

New from German Manufacturer CON4TOOLS

EFA 06, A multifunctional holding and lifting device for Passenger Cars, Vans, SUV's Commercial Vehicles and Trucks. Promoting Safety, Productivity and Saving Time.

This tool allows a single technician to remove and install doors on all types of vehicles including sliding doors, cars, trucks, SUV's and commercial tractor cabs. Click Here For Our Brochure

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Offshore German Industrial Tools

Gedore - Hazet Torque Tools
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GEDORE manufactures specialized torque tools, rust resistant nautical tools, high-quality spanners and many others for the offshore industry. With a delivery program covering approximately 10,000 products, GEDORE ranks among the largest tool manufacturers world-wide.

GEDORE's principal manufacturing base is still in Remscheid, Germany, meaning that GEDORE continues to maintain its "Made in Germany" image for product quality and longevity. Our worldwide presence in the market is a result of our numerous foreign agencies and factories. GEDORE tools are used in many technology sectors, such as the automotive, offshore, chemical and aerospace industries.

The company HAZET was established in 1868 by Hermann Zerver. HAZET tools are German made and of exceptional quality. They have been on the market for over 143 years and we are pleased to inform you that the full range is now available through us. Hazet is the official hand tool suppliers to Mercedes-Benz, and known for their wonderful quality and durability.


Hazet No. 6291-2CT Torque Wrenches
Accuracy +- 2%
Tested - with certificate
Safe - torque value locking at handle
Exact - precise scale graduation

With plug - and - socket connection to accommodate insert tools.




KL-0040-31 D - Wheel Bearing PullerThe Motoring Shop is a full service European tool distributor located in downtown Orlando, FL.

KL-0040-31 D - Wheel Bearing Puller
Suitable for VW - Audi, Ford, Opel, Seat and Skoda e.g. Audi A3, A4, A6; VW Golf IV, Passat, Sharan, T4 etc.
KL-0174-5 A - Wheel hub, Brake drum and Half shaft Extractor Suitable for VW - Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Renault, Seat, Skoda and Toyota.

KL-0042-91 K- Inner Bearing Ring Extractor

Suitable for vehicle with inner bearing rings having a Ø from 56 mm to 68 mm e.g. VW - Audi, etc.

Advantages: Wheel bearing extraction with KL-0040-61 A

  • The wheel bearing tool is universal in its applications.The tool set can also be used on other vehicles if additional thrust blocks are obtained.
  • All spare parts can also be obtained individually.
  • Wheel bearings can be replaced accurately on the vehicle within just a few minutes.
  • Inner racer extraction with KL-0042-92
  • Hollow-piston hydraulic cylinder KL-0040-2500 can be used to remove and install propeller shafts, wheel hubs, support joints and silentbloc-type bushings.


Hazet Tool TrolleyHazet tools with the quality, made in Germany are a trade mark for the highest standard. One of the largest selections in the world is available to you with the following merchandise groups: tool cabinets, adjustable wrenches, combination wrenches, 4 way wrenches, scrapers, universal pliers, piston ring pliers, brake spring pliers, hose clamping pliers, screw drivers, screw extractors, stud extractors, nut splitters, hinox socket wrench program. socket wrenches program, power wrench program.


Made In Germany

combined tool equipment, valve tools, pullers, Torx tool assortment, pliers, bodywork tools, beveling pliers, sheet metal cutters, impact extractors, metal saws, articulated screwdrivers, supplementary tools, pipe cutters, beading tools, screwdriver bits, connection pieces, chisels, thread cutter set, center punches, articulated wrenches, accessories, workbenches, pneumatic tools, brakes, drills.

Hazet Specialty Tools

ratchet screwdrivers, impact screwdrivers, straight grinders, chisel hammers, compressed air guns, ac cu-powered impact screwdrivers, 5000Ct torque wrenches, 6000 Ct torque wrenches, 5000 Ctl torque wrenches, snap-on tools, cooling systems. bodywork, exhaust systems, Harley Davidson, VW Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Opel, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Fiat, Volvo, Saab and Porsche.

GEDORE – Makes tools from A to Z

Precision and high-grade materials are the determinant factors in the quality of the production process and the end product. To meet our demands for quality and precision, the central tooling construction of the GEDORE Group is located in Remscheid headquarters facility.

Equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines, the department supplies the individual production plants of the GEDORE Group worldwide with stamping and cutting tools and multi-stage operation dies, together with injection moulds, jigs and fixtures and dies.

Solutions are developed and implemented in close cooperation with the design department. The key to our flexibility is provided by the large number of interfaces for data transfer and the extensive, leading-edge IT equipment in the individual departments. This allows solutions to be quickly and precisely developed in consultation with the customer, and then communicated and implemented.

Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 guarantees the high quality claims of the GEDORE Group in this area, too. Highly trained specialists, with key technical skills and many years of experience, contribute to continuous improvement in accordance with current standards, and guarantee our corporate success.

Our large and versatile machine inventory puts us in an ideal position to meet your order! From design to the finished product, our efforts are focused on fully meeting your requirements.


Facom ToolsFACOM is the European leader in the professional hand tool market. Founded in 1918, Facom manufactures high quality tools for industrial and automotive professionals. A dedicated team of designers and engineers deliver innovative solutions to drive higher productivity and safety for our customers.

FACOM sells a broad range of more than 8,000 products, in more than 100 countries, with a network of 5,500 distributors. In addition, 160 demo vans across Europe provide end-user support through technical training and demonstration events. The quality of our products is backed by the famous FACOM Guarantee.

The Motoring Shop is a distributor carrying a full line of German made tools for Facom, Gedore, Hazet and more.

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