Hazet Klann and Gedore Tools

Hazet-Facom-Klann-Gedore Tools


Scala Brake Disc Measuring Caliper

Scala Brake Disc Measuing Caliper
High precision vernier caliper for disc brake measurement, as supplied to Mercedes-Benz Dealers for their work.

Hazet No. Description List Price
4956-1 Range 50mm
0.1mm accuracy
dull chrome plated



Oil Service Wrenches for Volkswagen, Aiudi, annd Porsche   Oil Service Wrenches For
Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche

These tools are used for oil drain plugs, and also for fan pulleys and other applications on various models.
 Hazet No. Description List Price
2567-1 17 mm x 19 mm
Oil service wrench, Water Cooled models.
 $ 47.65*


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