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We just added a modified version of the 2007 Hazet Catalog to our web site. We hope you link to the site and browse the catalog often.

Hazet 2007 Catalog

Hazet Special Automotive Catalog 2007

Hazet Trolleys & Tools Catalog 2007


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Hazet Tool TrolleyHazet tools with the quality, made in Germany are a trade mark for the highest standard. One of the largest selections in the world is available to you with the following merchandise groups: tool cabinets, adjustable wrenches, combination wrenches, 4 way wrenches, scrapers, universal pliers, piston ring pliers, brake spring pliers, hose clamping pliers, screw drivers, screw extractors, stud extractors, nut splitters, hinox socket wrench program. socket wrenches program, power wrench program.


Torque Wrenches System 6000 CT

6000 Torque Wrench

These torque wrenches are for open end applications.  Release accuracy tolerance (in direction of actuation) 4% of scale value according to DIN EN ISO 6789:2003 D)

Tightening at torque setting is possible both to the right and to the left. With automatic close-gap release, palpable and audible when torque setting is reached.

Dynamometrie Screwdriver System 6000 CT Release Accuracy Tolerance 5%

Dynamonetrie ScrewdriverRelease accuracy tolerance (in direction of actuation) % of scale value according to DIN EN IS6789 2003 ). For screwdriver bits with 6.3 = 1/4" outside hexagon drive. Operation of sockets (female square drive 6.3 = 1/4") in conjunction with Adapter HAZET 2304. Application, on screwed connections in plastic materials and connections on switch cabinets and model making.

Made In Germany

combined tool equipment, valve tools, pullers, Torx tool assortment, pliers, bodywork tools, beveling pliers, sheet metal cutters, impact extractors, metal saws, articulated screwdrivers, supplementary tools, pipe cutters, beading tools, screwdriver bits, connection pieces, chisels, thread cutter set, center punches, articulated wrenches, accessories, workbenches, pneumatic tools, brakes, drills.

Hazet Specialty Tools

ratchet screwdrivers, impact screwdrivers, straight grinders, chisel hammers, compressed air guns, accu-powered impact screwdrivers, 5000Ct torque wrenches, 6000 Ct torque wrenches, 5000 Ctl torque wrenches, snap-on tools, cooling systems. bodywork, exhaust systems, Harley Davidson, VW Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Opel, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Fiat, Volvo, Saab and Porsche.