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KL-9002 and KL-9001 Telescopic Spring CompressorKL-9002 and KL-9001 Telescopic Spring Compressor

Suitable for vehicles with MacPherson Struts and Semi- Struts, in particular for 4x4 vehicles, Transporters and Vans such as Citroën Jumper; Fiat Ducato; Mercedes Vito, V-Class, M-Class, W210 4Matic; Peugeot Boxer, Break; Renault Master etc.

Special jaws allow coil springs to be removed and replaced in wishbone suspensions provided access permits.

The only Telescopic Spring Compressor on the market

which due to a Raster mounting system offers an adjustable range of jaw openings, from a minimum of 40 mm (KL-9002 / KL-9001) to a maximum of 377 mm (KL-9002) or 349 mm (KL-90021). This is important when compressing very short springs (2-3 coils) and also very long springs which must be fully de-compressed to be replaced. (eg. Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Lancia, Mazda, Mercedes, Renault etc.)

  • which offers a patented Bayonet Interlock System with automatic self-locking to attach the forged jaws (no tools, bolts or locking rings required).
  • whose spindle drive remains closed in case the locking pin breaks. Due to a secondary drive the spring can be decompressed and removed to install a new locking pin.
  • which offers automatic free-wheel if the spindle reaches the end of operating travel during de-compression Ė so eliminating the risk of damage to the spring-compressor.
  • which is suitable for all MacPherson Struts, Semi-Struts and can also be used on many wishbone suspensions as a result of the wide assortment of jaws available.

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