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Klann - Gedore Tools Catalog


Auto repair technicians on this side of the Atlantic now can get a hold of special tools previously available only in Europe.

That’s because Donaueschingen, Germany-based Klann Tools has established a “headquarters for the Americas” in North Charleston. Klann’s warehouse/tech center off Cross County Road is the German manufacturer’s first facility in the United States. Klann’s other facilities include distribution centers in the United Kingdom and France, in addition to the corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Germany. The North Charleston office is a subsidiary of the U. K. office.

Klann tools are authorized for use in BMW, Porsche, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, Audi and other makes of cars and light trucks.

All Klann tools are manufactured in Germany and warehoused in North Charleston. Klann Tools Inc. also will serve as an auto test equipment distributorship for the German manufacturer Iveka Automotive Technologies.

Klann tools are job-specific for suspension, alignment, steering and brake systems. The company also makes extraction tools for bearings, bushings and other such parts.

Klann Tool Catalog Listed in Chapters Below:

Tools for Changing Springs and Shock Absorbers

Tools for the Steering System

Tools for Axle repairs

Tools for Axle repairs

Tools for Axle repairs

Engine Tools

Clutch Repar Tools

Transmisson Tools

Body and Interior Tools

Tools for General Repair

Tools for HGV

Work is easier, faster and safer when you have the precise tool for the job.